Prop-Up Your Wedding Celebration!

By Sakshi Tyagi

As Greek would believe; “originally human were created with two sets of arms and legs but were spilt condemning one to search for their other half.” So, when one finds the other they get married :P
And if weddings are supposed to be just about the bride and the groom, then there has to some way to make next the first step of your journey towards forever have your signature all over it.
As these days, it’s all about getting good pictures at the wedding. And more importantly, creating an atmosphere that clearly encourages good pictures and interesting ideas. Enter: Props(Quirky props). They’re fun, dramatic and sometimes, over-the-top but they really make any wedding super-duper fun. But the real part the way the props are used to create drama.
So, there is a list of Props you can use in your wedding:

1. The frames
So this one’s probably the easiest idea to execute and the most popular. Buy empty frames — paint them in the colour pallet that is same as of your wedding and just get your pals to have fun. Go from simple square ones to metallic ones for effect and ornately-shaped ones to add a classic look.

Shhhh…Tip: Decorated them as you would like; with flowers,ribbons,glitters or you can take it to the next level by using Instagram frames and #hastaging them ;)

2. The Crazy Dialogues
Get the witty friends of yours to write you some unique sentences that will get the crowd going. Make them personal — sort out your crowd and know what would make them laugh! Use good fonts and understated blackboard-ish backgrounds and you will emerge the winner.

3. The Bride and Groom Sunglasses
So, according to your theme and your style you can either print out cute props or DIY them or even buy them online. We are referring about a pair of lips, a quirky hat, lots of moustaches of all kinds, sunglasses, feather boas and other sparkly nutty things. Go out get “quirky” and crazy with the props.

4. Furniture-Awesome Props
1. Use furniture as cool wedding décor. 2. Use it as a great backdrop for a photo booth. #winwin. It’s more like hitting two birds with one stone. Use rustic furniture to give your pictures an edge. Add flowers or words that showcase your love for effect!

5. The Backdrop Props
toiles de fond qui racontent une histoire de l’amour : Well, we personally love backdrops that tell a story — maybe something that has your love story written down pat. So adorbs or background can be what the bride and the groom love or one that current décor trends are recommending.

6. Vehicle Props
Painting Indian vehicles such as rickshaw, auto, bicycle, hathgadi and scooters in bright colour to ante them up. Go for an old one, paint them fuchsia, orange, yellow, park them at the venue and decorate it the way you want and bam! You’re good to go girl ;)

Best resources to outsource and buy props online:
1. Etsy
3. Amazon India

So, that now you have some ideas of using quirky props at your wedding. Go and experiment with them and don’t forget to improvise and add your personal touch to it :)