A modern day aristocracy

Aristocracy — At the time of the word’s origins in Ancient Greece, the Greeks conceived it as rule by the best qualified citizens

We stay in times where we don’t look beyond the information bubble we are wrapped up in. We refuse to acknowledge the world outside what we stay, work or live in. We are not aware of the life of others. We are the technocrats. We are the introverts. We are the geeks. We are the modern day aristocrats.

We have created a modern day aristocracy. Wealth and short term rise to success or fame is the key to access to this club and this has created a shift in our perceptions of reality on the ground. Realities about good old fashioned values around hard-work, perseverance and openness. We have made ourselves believe that our intelligence has empowered with us more empathy and better decision making abilities for everyone. But it’s to the contrary.

The world is in its shape because we have for too long now ignored everyone else outside of our views or with lesser abilities than us in a certain sphere. True power and intelligence breeds empathy not an utter lack of it for the ones less privileged. It allows one to be inclusive in their views and not accepting any one version of a thing but being eternally questioning of different opinions and views.

There’s a revolution breeding, the rise of the autocrats and demagogues across the world is an omen, an all too ominous one at that. More than ever in the history of mankind the have-nots are empowered with information. People look at their own lives and are looking for a way out of the misery and conditions that they have been forced into. They are looking for a way to overturn the aristocracy even if it means burning down their own cities. Because they have little to lose as compared to the haves.

Sometimes it pays to listen and look beyond your gilded walls or cars. It pays to take a walk down that street in the night and stay up having a chat with the guy round the corner. We have so easily alienated and created a different world even from the ones inhabiting the same country or city.

There are no monsters lurking around that street. It’s another one of the brethren with aspirations, hopes and fears , maybe different albeit. Understand his aspirations, hopes and fears. And in the process build something that assuages that fear, not something that makes you less afraid of him.

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