When U.S. Africa Command Evaluates Itself, the Results Are Grim
War Is Boring

Look, Kids…..here’s the truth of all of this…..our ruling class has become, possibly, the worlds largest contributor to global terrorism on earth….yup, our ruling class (can you say “$400,000,000 to Iran????)….you may not like Putin, but outside of his interest of Russia, which is scary, he talks about our ruling class. To be very blunt, he tells the absolute truth about them!!!! Listen to him…..when it comes to our ruling class foreign policy HE IS NOT LYING!!!!!!!!….and that includes Africa….it was once said that the biggest, most deadly disease in Africa was Marxist-Leninism…..responsible for more deaths than all diseases combined…well, thanks to our State department, that may no longer be true…..it’s madness, absolute madness………..

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