Wardrobe Amnesia

We started the validation process from the Javelin Board. Once decided the problem and the customer, we decided to test our riskiest assumption, that is the fact that people are willing to wear second-hand clothes, along with the fact that 20% of the wardrobe of our target customers is unused, the fact that users are willing to go to the post office both to send the package and to collect it, and finally the fact that they are willing to buy the clothes online.

To test the assumptions we interviewed 15 people, of which we have clips only of the 7 ones who were willing to be filmed, while for the others we took notes.

From the experiment, we found out that target customers don’t use more than the 20% of their wardrobe, so this first assumption was satisfied. Also the assumption regarding online shopping was satisfied, since most people among those interviewed are already used to this buying behaviour.

For what concerns our riskiest assumption — the fact that target customers are willing to buy second-hand clothes — we found out that part of the people we interviewed have no problem with it, and already practice clothes exchange, both on platforms and in physical events, or simply buy second-hand clothes on online platforms like Depop. However, part of the interviewees has never thought of buying second-hand clothes and doesn’t even consider it as an available option. Because of this result, we may consider pivoting our solution.

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to test the assumption that users are willing to go to the Post Office to collect their package. However, it is true that probably the ones who use platforms like Depop may be willing to do that, since it is one of the options, together with setting up a physical meeting with the seller.

Check our validation video: https://youtu.be/m0o_g_jUBsw

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