144- 144 things wrong with the movie

After an excruciating two hours, writing this is pretty difficult. But the word has to go out in order to save the others who may choose this movie unaware. Most of this is just nitpicking, but the movie actually did not make sense. Now that I have successfully click baited you with a misleading title I shall name only 57 things wrong with the movie. Plot twist. That is one more than what the movie had.

  1. The first thing you see in the movie is a typo(“Debu”). If this was meant to be a joke, it doesn’t really make sense. If it wasn’t then these are the little things that make you cringe.
  2. The first 40 minutes make absolutely no sense. The director makes a feeble attempt to connect the dots late in the movie with the lamest of excuses
  3. What do you mean this isn’t the Manikandan who did “Kaaka Muttai”
  4. The person who wrote “Soodhu kavvum meets Mundassupatti” in the trailer has a special place in hell.
  5. Some of the scenes were funny. But in a comedy movie ‘some’ shouldn’t really be the adjective one chooses.
  6. 6. Broken English was funny a few years ago. Not when it’s so obviously forced into the script
  7. Talking about the script, I think the villain(Feelings Ravi) should use his torture techniques on the writer.
  8. Why was his name Feelings again? He showed no emotion whilst acting.
  9. The Villain clearly had a bad “No shave November”
  10. You made him wear that jacket with those shoes? Seriously?
  11. Why was villain 2(Rayappan) always making a ‘hmmm’ sound? Even when he wasn’t thinking. That was weird.
  12. The dubbing was poor. It was like watching one of those Chinese martial arts movies.
  13. I think Oviya’s hand movements spoke more than here. Good Dumb Charades tho
  14. None of the main cast could really speak the village tamizh.
  15. The songs were nothing like what you would expect from Sean Roldon. The only good background scores sounded like the ones from Mundassupatti.
  16. Why was it named 144? The 144 law(something like a martial law) barely adds to the main story it wasn’t really that major to the plot line.
  17. Plot line? What plot line?
  18. Pro tip: If you can open a door that requires voice activation with your hands, then it isn’t really advanced technology.
  19. Ramdoss is actually a pretty good actor. Why make him an annoying mute monkey
  20. How does spilling red paint on a portrait change the face??
  21. Who puts a security guard who has to take a leak every one hour on guard duty at a jewelry store?
  22. Is “we switched off the cameras to save up on electricity” really the best excuse you could come up with?
  23. Why did we have to stare at every character’s face while we hear a sermon on their back story?
  24. Every flashback had this weird gold sparkle animation. Guys never use windows movie maker to make an actual movie
  25. Why couldn’t they have charged us 144 Rs to watch the movie? No this isn’ t me trying to salvage something.
  26. I would have gone on to say it should have been 144 minutes long, but I couldn’t stand 10 more minutes of that.
  27. Although the lip lock scene was funny the logic was oh so awful.
  28. Why are you still reading this?
  29. Are you telling me district collectors invest in cheap animation?
  30. The smartest guy in the movie takes 10 days to come up with the simplest solution
  31. A glass statue is called that if it’s made of glass. Not when it’s made up of clay and has glass stuck to it.
  32. Yes, invest a lot of money in building a Ganesha statue with a mini house inside that has to be dissolved in the river to hide your gold instead of a vault. Makes sense.
  33. Why does everyone play cards in that village all the time?
  34. How did the old lady chance upon fancy cigars?
  35. Why does Feelings Ravi always have well-built guys around him but until the end they never fight?
  36. Why does they just stand around him flexing their muscles?
  37. Just because it’s set in a village making people randomly twirl the mustache does not make sense.
  38. Shiva has to start picking better movies.
  39. I think the problem is they didn’t add “Sudden Superstar” before Shiva’s name. Bad luck omen.
  40. The interval was poorly placed. Not because it slowed the movie but hey the viewers need a break.
  41. Ramdoss’ sign language was the weirdest I’ve ever seen. But somehow everyone understood it. Seems to be very effective.
  42. What is wrong with you? Don’t you have something else to do?
  43. How did Ashokselvan become a racer? That would have been more interesting.
  44. What happened to the cocaine story line?
  45. What happened to the illegal racing story line?
  46. Why would one race with ambassadors?
  47. Feelings Ravi tells everyone that they can choose their way of death but then ends up choosing it for them. Not cool bro.
  48. Worst post-credits scene ever.
  49. Having random famous people’s names wasn’t funny in 10 Endrathukulla. Is not funny here.
  50. Wow, I didn’t think I would reach 50.
  51. If Shiva and Ashokselvan knew about the underground tunnels why where they surprised the first time?
  52. How did Shiva get out of jail after being nabbed with stolen gold worth over 100 crores?
  53. If you can’t invest in good VFX then don’t bother having it at all.
  54. Feelings Ravi just says “come to Trichy” but everyone knows where exactly to go to even if this is shown as a new location in the movie.
  55. Why were random movie references made by Sruthi Ramakrishnan? They looked forced into the lines.
  56. *Bazinga*. I said a famous dialogue that was funny in the show. But just because I said it isn’t funny now. Now imagine paying money to read this line.
  57. Okay, I’ve over done things just like the movie I’m going to stop.
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