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Since I haven’t been able to update on reviews and saw these three movies together I decided to go ahead with a single post for all three.

The Imitation Game

The world knew very little about Alan Turing as Britain kept almost all of his work a secret until the late 90s. Morten Tyldum has done a fantastic job in telling the world the story of one of the brightest minds in history. The Imitation Game starts during WW2 where The Allied forces are trying to beat Nazi Germany in any way possible. The Nazis have the upper hand through their uncrackable code, The Enigma. The story revolves around how one man does the impossible and shortens the war by at least 2–4 years. But The Imitation Game does not stop with just that. It also tells a heart wrenching story about one’s sexual preferences and the acceptance of those who are different. The movie has been made in a fantastic manner. Even though we know that Britain won the war, it manages to keep you hooked until the last moment.

The movie benefits from an exceptional performance by Benedict Cumberbatch. There were literally no surprises that he was nominated for Best Actor at the Oscars. He manages to perfectly portray the emotionless genius but at the same time, succeeds in giving the human touch throughout. Keira Knightly has provided excellent support with a highly convincing performance.

Where the movie suffers slightly is that it falls into a cliché when it comes to movies about brilliant minds. A feeling of de ja vu sweeps through you as certain moments make it look exactly like movies such as “A Beautiful Mind”. One could argue that there is little that can be done as this is a biopic. But the movie is not historically accurate and several plot twists have been manipulated for story purposes.

On the whole The Imitation Game proves to be worthy of it’s Best Picture Nomination.

Birdman (or) The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance

It took a couple of really excruciating months to get hold of this movie but it was worth the wait. Birdman easily proved to be one of the best movies of 2014. The movie narrates the story of an actor who once played a superhero trying to prove to the world that he is still a great actor and establish his importance. Michael Keaton (who did once play a superhero) stars in the movie that shows the slightly quirky side of Broadway and the life of actors in it. The story was immensely good and the pace was beautifully set through the movie be director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.

Where the movie scores maximum points is the camera work. The movie is made to look like it was taken in a single shot. It’s not just unbelievably tough to do that, but it requires tremendous attention to detail. The risk that was taken paid off as the entire movie comes across so brilliant that one sits gazing in awe. The single shot feel further makes the entire movie look like a Broadway play.

The star studded cast provided a stellar performance. Michael Keaton comes back to movies with a bang. Although Eddie Redmayne stands favourite to win Best Actor, my heart goes out to the incredible performance by him. Edward Norton is simply The Boss throughout the movie. He owns every scene and gives a mind-blowing performance. Emma Stone and Naomi Watts do justice to their roles and are fantastic additions to the movie.

Another thing that I did like was the background track of drums going on through the movie. Although some found it a tad annoying, for me it was highly engaging. The tempo adjusted itself according to the level of tension in the movie and even gave comic relief at certain points.

Though comedies haven’t really fared the best at the Oscars, this is one movie I hope that wins Best Picture (or The Grand Budapest Hotel, anything is fine by me)


The final movie for this post is Whiplash. Following on the thought process of drums, the movie weaves the story about a highly fearsome jazz teacher who uses intimidation to get the best out of his students, in this case a Jazz drummer. Damien Chazelle’s story about a young drummer and his passion was a highly refreshing one and was easily amongst the top few movies of last year.

The movie has fantastic screenplay and the editing was just impeccable. The way the camera cuts through the musicians and and their instruments is just beautiful. Whiplash has an incredible background score and proves to be a tough competitor to Hans Zimmer in the music department of the Academy Awards. Technically this movie has ticked all the boxes.

Miles Teller does a convincing job as the awkward yet highly talented drummer. He really manages to bring out the passion of his character and wins the liking of the viewers immediately through his hard work and efforts. The only person i would like to see Edward Norton lose to in the Best Supporting Actor award, is JK Simmons. He plays the role of the fearsome teacher and has given a truly tremendous performance. He instilled fear not only on his students but on the audience as well. JK Simmons manages to create swears that have never been heard before. Easily one of the best acting performance that can be seen in a while.

Much like the last few minutes of the movie, Whiplash was extravagant and engaging.

All three movies were fantastic to watch and have the chance of sweeping the Oscars this year. It was truly and enjoyable week of movies for me.

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