Better Call Saul

A disjointed start. The familiar look of Alburquerque. Mundane tasks backed by pleasant music. Vince Gilligan is back. After months of waiting, he has finally given us ‘Better Call Saul’.

A spin-off series from his original show, Breaking Bad, the show traces the life story of Saul Goodman and what made him the mastermind of criminal law. The story starts seven years before Saul Goodman’s appearance in BrBa. At a time when he goes by the name James McGill. The story is a character study on the impressive though crass lawyer.

Although the show was originally aimed for a comedy, it has its serious elements. It shows McGill’s financially troubled past and his desperate attempts at making it big. The show has sudden surprise elements with appearances from Mike Ehrmantraut and Tuco. Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks and Raymond Cruz reprise their roles in the show. Apart from them, other leads are played by Rhea Seehorn( A lawyer with whom Saul shares a past), Michael Mando( An intelligent criminal) and Michael McKean( Saul’s brother with electromagnetic hypersensitivity)

Only three episodes are out, but Better Call Saul promises to be quite the show. It has its promised elements of drama and humour right from the plot. Breaking Bad’s signature time jumps are followed in this show too. It not only rides on the popularity of its central character but also shows enough potential for yet another blockbuster Bottomline is, you Better Call Saul

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