Interstellar- Imagination beyond the Stars

“Do not go gentle into that good night; Old age should burn and rave at close of day. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

This movie will probably not win the Best Picture. But the worthiness of a movie cannot be judged by one single award that has proven time and again to prefer the heart warming stories of self discovery and struggles of life. So before we analyze how good Interstellar is we need to ask ourselves what we expect to see in a movie. Truth to be told, the movie does fall short in several areas, but they all are merely blemishes in this epitome of imagination.

Christopher Nolan has once again proven that he can stretch our minds and test the limits of our understanding. Interstellar is set in a dystopian future where dust storms begin destroy the ability raise most crops. As mankind’s sustenance and survival is in question, we find one man and his team has the ability to save it. It seems like the plot of most movies, doesn’t it? Nolan ensures that this simple story line is hidden under the intricate plots and twists to give us a whole new experience. Through the movie Hans Zimmer proves to be better than ever and the special effects are a class apart. The movie is filled with mind numbing twists and concepts we can barely begin to understand. He does try his best to help us keep pace with what he says but it is difficult to do so when we are dealing with wormholes, black holes, space-time continuums etc. Only when the movie is over you will realize that the crux of what he is trying to convey does not require us to understand all these things. There is so much more to this movie but explaining any further would mean spoilers and hence there is need for restraint. But amidst all the science, it does not fail to deliver the emotional quotient, on which the film scores really well. Nolan manages to mix the quantifiable(science) and the unquantifiable(love, at least in our world and not the movies) to deliver a brilliant story

Now where the movie begins to falter is the fact that most of the key concepts either require extensive explanation for the common man or it is based on theories that can only be explained and tested on paper. Though this gives huge scope for Nolan to use his imagination, it takes Nolan far too long to set the premise for the story. The movie can be split in three parts. The first 2 hours that took to just set the ground for the next 30 minutes and the last few minutes as an epilogue. The introduction of Matt Damon proves to be the turning point in the movie. Some of the characters lack definition as there is no time to focus on anything but the physics involved.

One point that worries me though is that Nolan still hasn’t moved beyond Inception. A lot of things in Interstellar seemed to have taken inspiration from his previous work. Dabbling with gravity, walking on walls and rooftops being another piece of ground are some of the common points between both movies. The two movies also seem to have similar new worlds. Both movies have a place made of complete snow/ice and both have one place that is filled with water/rain. If this is the birth of a niche, then it is definitely not good for the growth of cinema.

Matthew McConaughey gives yet another stellar performance and Jessica Chastain has a very good chance of winning an Oscar for supporting role. Though given barely any time in the movie, Matt Damon essays his role very well and provides the classic twists and action for the film. The AI devices have been created brilliantly and their dialogues provide the humour factor. Due to the problem of characters of depth as cited above all we can say is that the actors have done justice to their roles and no more. The true actor here is space and its infinite powers.

If you’re looking for scientific accuracy, check out a documentary. The movie is sci-fi for a reason. So saying the movie is illogical and hence falls flat is not quite fair. Nolan has provided yet another stellar(rather interstellar) movie and if anything his only fault is that he dreamed too big. Filled with unlimited jaw dropping moments, unbelievable twists and unimaginable special effects this is one movie that you would rather watch in a theatre than download.

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