Kaaka Muttai- Scores Way More Than A Muttai

It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen a movie which made every person in the theatre applaud as the credits rolled. True, we have seen several Tamizh movies in the last few years that have imbibed a hope that our film industry can grow to adopt scripts that are off beat, but Kaaka Muttai is one that invokes a feeling that is hard to describe. A medley of emotions varying from happiness for the two little ones, sadness at the state of affairs for the poor, shame for how we have valued the little things in life, pride for of being a viewer in an industry that has produced this gem.

Kaaka Muttai is a refreshing movie that weaves a tale about two young boys from a very poor family and their desire to taste this alien dish called ‘Pizza’. Manikandan has done a stellar job in delivering a narration on the class differences that is quite dominant in our country. This simple story line has in it a variety of themes. It speaks about society’s negligent attitude towards the poor, the little shells in which the ‘slum-dwellers’ live in, media sensationalisation, and the importance we place on what people wear and not what they have to say, amongst others. It makes us realize that what we take for granted in our every day life could be unthinkable for others.

Most movies that show poverty portray a morbid and sullen picture that may be true, but is far too heavy for the heart. In most cases this is to show how important such a subject is. Director Manikandan should be applauded for this venture that makes us think but has us laughing through the movie. He has kept it short thus ensuring the audience is engaged and the film is packed tightly. It is delightful to see the antics of the two protagonists (who go by the name ‘Chinna Kaaka Muttai’ and ‘Periya Kaaka Muttai’) but through it is intertwined an important message that we have to keep in mind and not forget after we step out of the theatre.Vignesh and Ramesh play the lead roles. I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say that they were phenomenal. They are so natural that the viewer is able to actually imagine the two strutting around town in their venture to taste a Pizza.

Vignesh as ‘Periya…’ shows a boy whose life may have been shackled by poverty but his pride knows no bounds. You see him grow through the film from a child to a young adult. Ramesh as his younger brother, ’Chinna..’, is this innocent adorable kid who brings smiles on the face of every viewer. The two also show their adolescent rebel phase when they choose to go by their nicknames and not their original ones each time their mother asks. It is fantastic to see how their lives have transformed through the movie (they recently got to meet their idol Dhoni!) and very much deserve the National Awards.

The support cast deserves equal credit for they have done their roles to perfection. A special mention to Ramesh Thilak who plays the role of a con man trying to make money at every opportunity. He has found his niche in Tamizh cinema and is exploiting it to produce brilliant roles.

The camera work is brilliant and the man behind deserves a lot of appreciation for weaving magic with his lens. The music is quite good and is integrated with the movie and one does not have to sit through 5 minutes of uselessness for each song. The lyrics are fantastic and draw out the theme that that particular scene represents.

This summer release is definitely a ‘feel good’ movie that one can revel in and shifts gears for this new age in Kollywood that is slowly gathering pace

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