Lingaa- Not quite the superstar treat

You know it is a Rajini movie when merely the opening credits give you goosebumps and sends you screaming like a maniac. Most Rajini movies make you do that through the duration of the movie. Lingaa, not so much. The movie has every element of a Rajini movie starting from social messages to elaborate stunts to hints about his political future. But Linga pales in comparison to Sivaji, Padayappa or any of his other movies. His movies have always been about unbelievable action sequences and we have enjoyed this in the past. So what failed in the movie?

Linga would have had a much bigger impact on us a decade ago and despite the fact that this sounds really pretentious, we have to accept the fact that the crowd has evolved. The story by itself is not all that bad, but having to rush and finish it in a matter of months probably took a toll on the movie. The best parts of the movie was the flash back about Raja Lingeshwaran. Personally, I feel that the flashback should have been the movie. We could see the classic Rajini, giving motivating speeches and a plot that shows him transcend from the skies to a common man for the betterment of people and society. The scenes before and after were just badly thought.

Rajini delivered his usual, stylish role and this was no different from the others. The old timers(not that Rajini is youthful) proved to be really good. Starting from Radha Ravi and Vijaykumar, everyone from the vintage Rajini movies were excellent. Santhanam and Co. were really funny and they should have been given a lot more screen time. Having said that, both the actresses were horrid. The two were highly annoying and really lacked the key skill in their field, acting. Jagapathi Babu was a hyper active cartoon character towards the end.

What I did love about the film were the umpteen references. Starting with Rajini whistling “My name is Billa” to the fact that the most important thing was the “Rudhraksham”, each one was placed really well. It was a wonderful trip through memory lane and also added to the humour now and then. Like most of Rahman’s recent works, the songs fail to impress at first but slowly turns catchy. But when its Rahman we expect more than catchy don’t we?

All in all it was half hearted attempt at a Rajini entertainer and falls flat in the areas it should have scored.

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