Masss- A Venkat Prabhu Clean Bowled

Surya walking in with tacky shades, a woefully terrible intro song and safety pin for an earring gives you quite an idea how Mass is going to be. A grand entry for the hero (or is mass the right word), followed by a song where the clothes are so bright they seem to be straight out of a Telugu movie, unimportant heroines and a few fight scenes. Seems like most Tamil movies? Well Mass is no different.

Mass isn’t like every other Tamil movie just because it’s a store house of clichés but every second dialogue is a reference to another movie. I’m all for references and loved the ones from Lingaa and Uttama Villain but here it was just way too much. It seems like Venkat Prabhu decided to save up on time by using lines from all other movies so he wouldn’t have to write a screenplay. What starts off as funny slowly becomes tiring.

Mass is a Horror/Comedy (No I still don’t get the horror part) revolving around a crook who gets the ability to see and interact with ghosts. How his experiences with them change him as a person is what runs for the next couple of hours. Your everyday stereotypical kollywood churn-out that barely survives thanks to a few witty dialogues. The movie is so predictable that even Sun News’ weather cast could guess things here perfectly. It was far too heavily influenced by other horror movies (especially The Sixth Sense and even a bit of Casper). Mass could not decide whether it wants to stay comical or be a tear-jerker or a laugh riot. I’m not saying that everything about Mass was bad (just the majority). A few scenes had really funny dialogues that left you in splits. The little details at points were brilliant and a scene involving Jey was quite nice and enjoyable.

Technically the movie was a cat on the wall. The camerawork seems to be good but then the entire project looked amateurish thanks to poor CG. A lot of tamil cinemas in recent times have tried to improve the graphics scene here but every attempt just falls flat and brings down the quality of the movie. The music was quite forgettable and continues to emphasise the little role they play in today’s cinema.

The centre of gravity with respect to overacting seems to have shifted in Kolywood’s power couple. Surya showed his acting prowess in movies like Ayudha Ezhuthu and Mounam Pesiyadhe but this was a mere shadow of that. As usual both the heroines were as useful as a Windows Phone pre-Cortana. Premji has his moments but is mostly irksome. Parthiban is the only stand out performance. His performance was very enjoyable and brings out the funny actor from his past.

Overall Mass is something you can pass (Terrible I know but I blame PTSD).

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