Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation- As MI as an MI movie can get

The blood in your body gushes when merely the banners of production houses are rolled out. Its because the come with the what can be called as one of the best background scores ever. The track immediately takes you through every scene in the first four movies and has you ready for more.

The Mission Impossible franchise has time and again delivered movies that simply keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole duration. With this series, there is no time for you to catch your breath. The ride is non stop and keeps hooked till the final moments. Rogue Nation was no different and treated us to what we exactly hoped for.Tom Cruise has entertained us for quite sometime now(Through both his movies and his scientology stories) and we know what to expect from his movies off late. Its been quite a while since he did a role that did not involve him being a secret agent or trying to save the world and most likely, well both. Now I’ve always hated something thats repetitive or formulaic, but his movies somehow just makes you throw out these notions and just applaud at each stunt. Forgiving the terrible mistake of Knight and Day, the Cruise touch revs up any action plot. The story of Rogue Nation follows an eerie pattern to Skyfall. All with rogue terrorist bodies, Ethan Hunt being branded as a fugitive, and a mysterious girl who arrives only to spell doom. Ethan Hunt has to brave all the odds and must pull the most outrageous of stunts to ensure that the world does not sink into chaos. Like any spy movie, it has its quota of disguised weaponry(Hey, the gun in an instrument was done long back by Rajni in Sivaji), high tech gadgets that are probably a century too early and a bit of British wit.

Where the movie begins to lack is its predictability because we’ve seen similar scenes before in the franchise. The dialogue is also pretty weak with conversations being cryptic for no reason and at times the punches are just ordinary. Its fantastic to hear that Tom Cruise did the stunts himself because some of these are just mind boggling(Especially the aeroplane one). Simon Pegg delivers the perfect humorous breaks in this fast paced flick. Jeremy Renner is reduced to the “Doug” in Hangover 2 role for most of the movie, merely talking on the phone acting as a link. Alec Baldwin just spends his time being the classy guy he is although I would have loved to see him in a bigger role. The mole in the cast is Sean Harris whose creepy megalomaniac role is just weird and slightly annoying. The VFX is just crazy good depicting insane fights, chases and impossible gadgets. There are so many stunt sequences that you could make a dozen Tamizh movies out of them. Nothing out of the ordinary in this dish, but its exactly what we ordered for.