OK Kanmani- A Lot More Than Just OK

The minute one says the words “Ok Kanmani”, the first thought to strike most is Kamal running around a bus. Singaravelan was one of the most enjoyable Rom-Coms in its time(probably even now). It had its formulaic story which Tamil films adhere to where the focus is on the lead trying to woo the girl of his dreams. Its always been more about the laughable attempts to impress the damsel who eventually falls for the silliest of reason. Throw in a couple of fights, a couple of Santhanam-ish dialogues and there you have it. Ok Kanmani doesn’t bother with any of that and jumps straight into the dynamics of a modern day relationship.

The story revolves around your everyday Joe, or here Aditya, who is from PSBB and Loyola(Whats wrong with PS and Viveka? :\) and your everyday Joe-ette, who meet and fall in love. The movie keeping with times talks about the chemistry and tales of a ‘Live-In relationship’. Set in Mumbai, this is a very engaging narration that takes you back to Alaipaayudhe, spinning a yarn about the less than perfect relationship. Mani Ratnam keeping with his style has presented an aesthetically appealing 2 hour journey that is quite enjoyable. It also involves a side story of the love between an old man and his wife with Alzheimers. This small tale narrates an equally good story( maybe even an Indian “Still Bhavani Aunty”) and the older couple’s love serves as a guiding light to the confused youngsters.

Mani Ratnam has returned to something he proved to be one of the best at and it has worked quite well. The movie reminded me of Man United, having a sluggish start to the season but picking up its pace quite well and the drags weren’t there 4–2 long(Sorry fanboy needs). The initial half hour proved to be quite aimless and excessively draggy; one can only console oneself that it sets a base to the story. It’s always tough to make a movie where only two characters are involved in 80% of the scenes but he manages to keep our rapt attention(Except for the guy next to me who seemed more keen on a perfect over in stick cricket). He narrates his tale with the usual classiness that’s never amiss. The writing takes a hit every now and then with too many repetitive lines, but the witty punches throughout keeps it flying high. The casting couldn’t have been better.

Dulquer Salman charms the same way Madhavan did and has guys in the theatre taking notes( If mom reads this, not me im good boy). His charming flirt of a character is matched by an equally good Nithya Menon. The two prove to be the winning combo. Prakash Raj seems to have only good performances always and this trend continues. Leela Samson may not be your Julliane Moore but brilliantly provides the humorous breaks. PC Sreeram has taken the movie brilliantly.

Every second is well shot and pleases the eye. AR Rahman’s work has been widely appreciated and deserves quite a bit of it; as the songs are pretty good( after quite some time). The problem was the songs were poorly placed in the first half making us quite restless. The background score complimented the movie really well. Overall, despite its poor pace, this Kanmani proves to be more than just OK.

ProTip- Don’t go with 10 testosterone charged boys who are waiting for one of the leads to drop dead to make the story more interesting…

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