PK- Modern Day Renaissance

Thank god for subtitles. Without them I would not have been able to enjoy the wonderful movie PK proved to be. As a person who isn’t the biggest Bollywood fan and one who can barely comprehend Hindi, I was quite skeptical about going to this movie. After 153 minutes it was quite clear that this was the best Indian movie this year. Rajkumar Hirani spins yet another tale that tickles our ribs through the movie. PK gave me the same happiness I get while watching a Crazy Mohan script. The humour was witty yet simple. The movie took up quite a complicated concept of understanding religion and managed to not overdo the humour at any point.

PK narrates the story of an unnamed alien (played by Aamir Khan) who lands on Earth to study the planet and its species. His remote, the only connect between him and his home planet, gets stolen and the movie focuses on his attempts to retrieve it. The movie displays the complexity of all the cultures and the multitudes of religion and how all of this is quite confusing to a foreign entity. PK’s child like curiosity has been incorporated in a fantastic manner to make the movie hilarious but also ensures that we sit back and think about the state of affairs in our nation.

Through the course of the movie, PK tackles the concept of godmen and how they manipulate people’s hope, faith and religion. This has been the fodder for a lot of controversy recently going even as far as branding PK, ‘anti-Hindu’ and seeking its ban. Personally, I feel that this is unnecessary as the movie at no point ridicules religion and only points out how people misinterpret and misrepresent it. At its best, it merely shows how befuddling the conflicting the rules and dogma of several religions are. The music was quite enjoyable but the translation of the lyrics in the subtitles made them even better. Like other RKH films, the dialogues were smart and the way it was able to create a modern day ‘Renaissance’ was quite admirable.

Aamir Khan is at his best in the movie. He essays the role of an alien oh so easily making the viewers wonder as to how he did it. Anushka starts off shakily but goes on to support Aamir really well. The small stints by Boman Irani and Sanjay Dutt were enjoyable. Certain characters do seem a bit exaggerated but it merely enhances humour and does nothing to harm the movie. My only question about the movie is one on a light note; “Why does Sushant Singh Rajput choose to wear the same sweater throughout the duration of the movie?”

The climax of PK is unrealistic but unlike certain other movies, one simply does not mind because it comes off enjoyable. Even PK relies on the basic plot of love has no boundaries but it presents that in an entertaining and refreshing manner. This is what the audience means when they say they enjoy the classic stories and the unbelievable climax, not flying on hot air balloons.

Overall, PK was highly enjoyable and a must watch. A fantastic movie to the close the year with.

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