Predestination- Mind Numbingly Brilliant

Although this movie released back in August, I never got around to watching it until recently, when a friend suggested it. And I’m quite thankful that he did suggest it. Out of the few reviews or articles that I have written, this is by far the most difficult one. The reasons are aplenty but they fall under one umbrella reason. Something that I am quite sure the lead character was. I’m confused.

I’m confused on how certain things in the movie made sense. I’m confused whether i should nitpick on logic or admire the movie for the brilliant paradox it presents. And now I’m confused whether I should try explaining the above couple of sentences because it is difficult to explain this movie without spoiling it. What I can do, is try my best at it.

I came across an interesting post by 9gag which narrated this complex story about time travel and the paradox it creates. How loopholes are formed and how the continuum can break. It was based on a novel and the story was really intriguing. The news that it was being made into a movie delighted me. It had the perfect plot that would keep you guessing and it had the most mind numbing of plot twists. Now did Predestination take me through the same ride? Not quite.

The reason for that maybe because I already knew what would happen. But I think it has more to do with the fact that the most confusing story was fit into an action movie plot. The movie is about a time traveler who attempts to stop a terrorist from setting off a bomb. Now the time traveler’s story by itself creates all the elements needed for a movie. It has drama, emotion and is filled with surprises. Stuffing the elements of the bomb proved to slightly remove the focus of the movie; the time traveller. The story is well paced and it teases your mind. It analyses the psyche of a time traveller and dabbles with emotions that can get confusing when you travel through time.

Predestination narrates the story of a confused human being and the difficulty of having no identity. The lead actors have been employed in a fantastic manner to bring those emotions out. Ethan Hawke is consistently good through the film although he does come across a bit too gruff (I couldn’t think of a better word). Sarah Snook has delivered an excellent performance and this could very well be her claim to fame. The plot is such that it does not require any other actors at all.

The way emotion and science has been intertwined in the movie gives work to both the heart and the brain of the viewer. Overall, the little problems that the movie has can be forgiven for the tale that it narrates is one that will take you on a roller coaster ride.

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