The Interview- Third Time Is Not A Charm

When the opening scene of the movie has Eminem coming out of the closet, one expects a lot it. But at the end, The Interview was highly underwhelming. The movie pales in comparison to the riots that Pineapple Express and This is the End were. After watching it, one is forced to think if this movie was worth hacks and terrorist threats.

The Interview is about TV show host Dave Skylark and his EP, Aaron Rapport and their attempts to interview North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un. The CIA then recruits them to transform their interview into an assassination attempt. The laughs in The Interview are far and few. Its dependency on grossing out the audience has evidently turned out to be a bad idea. The story proved to be highly promising and the controversy surrounding it made us all excited on this being a fantastic political comedy but the movie proves to be a drab for the most part.

The bromance between James Franco and Seth Rogen seems to be the only thing that works in The Interview. However, unlike the previous editions it does not add any humour to the plot but merely wastes time so that the movie lasts at least an hour and half. The fantastic potential and the huge fan base that the leads created have been squandered in the movie. James Franco has to stop Seth from ‘honeypotting’ him when the script is so poor. What I did like about the movie was Randall Park’s performance. It was fun and added the bit of humour the movie had although I feel he may be nuked any moment now.

Overall, this is one interview that you can skip

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