A Few Shows You May Have Overlooked

We all know that nothing can beat Breaking Bad finales. We all know when Winter is coming. And we all associate class with Harvey Specter. From Seinfeld to Friends to Boston Legal, certain shows have etched themselves in history. They’re something that would feature in everyday household conversations. But there are a few shows that have been overlooked or their impact hasn’t reached our sub-continent yet(or at least from my observation) So in my view the following are few shows that you might have missed out on. Watch them. I can assure you hours of pure entertainment

1. Community What do you call a show that has a blonde, a stuck up brunnette, a black woman, a high school jock, creepy half polish-half arabic television addict, a racist old man and a narcissistic lawyer? A community. This show started off with a bang in India catching everyone’s attention. The Meta-humour and quirky characters caught the eye of many and the first couple of seasons kept us hooked. But somewhere the fan base fizzled out and further seasons took time to establish themselves here. The following seasons were as good if not better than the opening two. The reason the show is easily one of the best ever is because it reminds us of all our favourite movies and other shows. Pulp fiction, Bottle episodes, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Game of Thrones are amongst the various Pop Culture theme hilariously captured. With Season 5, Dan Harmon returns and the show is better than ever. With reference jokes spouting out of every corner and the levels of humour and thinking involved, it is bound to keep one engrossed.

2. The Newsroom The Newsroom is an American political drama that centres around the lives of newscasters and their work in the field of media. To judge how good the show is, all you need to do is watch the first 10 minutes. It is sure to blow your mind away. The show may have gone overboard with its zealous attempt to be a one of a kind of path breaking, mind boggling adventure. But the powerful cast and the heavy storyline deliver something that makes you want to watch more. It is definitely a show that will make you think about the concept of free media and whether it can truly exist

3. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air If the tacky clothing, insane rapping and teenage Will Smith didnt give it away already, yes this is quite an old show. Its quite popular with people in the higher age group. It maybe a blast from the past but the show is insanely funny. Will Smith manages to deliver rib tickling humour. It gives us glimpses of the development of the actor’s career and his own as a person. Despite frequent changes in the cast and certain really drab episodes here and there(Hey, even Breaking Bad had those) this is truly a complete Sit Com

4. Da-Vinci’s Demons The only feature of this show was in Nat Geo but was quite incomplete due to several censor cuts. This like fresh prince of bel-air is a trip to the past but in a slightly different manner. The show is about the life of Leonardo Da Vinci, his art and his conquest to find an eerie cult. Except it has a slight plot twist. Da Vinci’s character portrayal is nothing short of Tony Stark. The cockiness mixed with moments of pure intellect enthrals a viewer and leaves you wanting more. The show has every element to be a sure winner and the 2 Emmy’s stand proof

5. Important Things with Demetri Martin Quite contrary to its name, its not actually a serious show. Its one of THE most funniest shows I’ve watched. Its a stand up hosted by Demetri Martin, who is an absolute genius, about everyday things. The connections he makes and the jokes that he pulls of are way too good. The man can play a mouth organ/Flute/sing, play the keyboard and the drums at a time. He is ambidextrous and puts that to equally good use in creating a unique and amazing brand of humour. This should easily be on top of your “To watch” list

6. Whitney This show may not be in the same league as others but it definitely manages to make the list. Its the usual Sit-Com about an average girl who is generally screwed in life and has a group of friends one of whom is a pervert and has a beautiful relationship blah blah. But something about the show makes you laugh more than you should. The humour is straight forward and something we all can relate to. Its this sense of connection you feel with cast that makes what they say funnier. The cast does a brilliant job and its a show made for casual watching

7. Everybody Loves Raymond Another show thats quite old but according to me highly under rated. It follows the life of Raymond Barrone, his immediate family, and highly annoying and obsessive parents. Through this one can see the true beauty of Ray Romano and his fantastic sense of humour. Its yet another show that can survive solely on its stellar cast. Its quite the family show with less references to topics that make the usual household awkward(i.e Sex). A show I enjoy watching with the family

8. Last Man Standing The show looks like your everyday family entertainment, but attacks you with its sudden dose of hilarious racism. Highly insensitive but does the job of having you in splits. No actor other than Tim Allen could have pulled it off this well.

9. The Crazy Ones Robin Williams. Need I say more