Yennai Arindhal- Deja Vu Max

I tried to keep my expectations low when I walked in. Every big release in the last couple of years didn’t live up to its hype and I was hoping this would be an anomaly. Was it? To an extent. Yennai Arindhal started off brilliantly keeping us guessing for the first half an hour on what the movie was about. It built the pace and the space for all the plot twists. But somewhere along the way you sit there wondering how this was any different from Kaaka Kaaka and Vettai Aadu Vilayadu. Almost every other scene from there was predictable and provided no suspense whatsoever.

Gautham Menon has fallen into a niche. Stylish cop. Deranged villain looking for revenge. I would point out more but then that would mean way too many spoilers. When I saw Thiyagarajan Kumararajan’s name in the credits, I was hoping for his beautiful writing. This was a far call from Aaranya Kandam. The dialogues, save the stunners from Ajith, were quite bland.

The cast is where Yennai Arindhal blows you away. Ajith proved how good an actor he was in every scene. This was a character tailor made for him. Every dialogue he spoke sent the crowds crazy. He ebbs pure class through the entire 3 hours. Trisha was a goddess re-incarnated. She has been called a mere pretty face all this while but proves it all wrong. I could not imagine anyone else who could have pulled this off any better. Lets assume you’ve hated the movie all this while, Trisha will make you watch it twice. Anushka proved to be better than the annoying belle from Linga but still continues to prove that she suffers to act. Where it falters is that she is a mere pawn in the story line and anyone could have pulled off her role. Yennai Arindhal re-affirms the revival of Vivek. He continues his brilliance from VIP and the little time he spends on the screen is just pure joy. His reference jokes are superb and leaves you wanting more of his jokes

Arun Vijay pulls off his role with ease and his is a character that stays with you. But he falls into the same pit as the story. Every scene of his is a Deja Vu. You can draw out the similarities between him, Daniel Balaji from Vettai… and Jeevan from Kaaka.. For the wonderful performance by him this was a let down. Parvathy Nair was an amazing plot twist(probably the only unpredictable one) and the cameos through the movie were really nice(Especially Nasser)

Another area the movie scores is the camera work. A highly stylish piece of work that has you nodding every now and then in appreciation. It’s the small things that make a movie good and great attention has been paid to them.

Yennai Arindhal falters heavily due to its duration and a lot of unnecessary scenes. It’s okay that Gautham Menon wants to show a human side to Sathyadev(Ajith’s character) but all the scenes that have him bonding with his daughter seemed to be drag and actually made no massive difference to the movie. The songs are nice to hear but in this plot they proved to be only speed breakers.

Overall if you haven’t watch Gautham Menon’s previous works, you might not find it mediocre and maybe even think its a good story. Otherwise you can watch it for purely Ajith’s uncontainable charisma and Trisha. Or just Trisha too.