Calls from inner soul

This article is based on awareness of an Inner soul as per my experiences and researches. Answers of questions related to inner soul and it is totally based on my experiences and my observations even I also get benefits of inner soul which things I will share with you.

1. What is an inner soul?

Soul is a proof of life, and also a truth of life. Without soul active body turns into life less element; it is scientific truth. But here we think one stage more deeply, for better understanding we consider inner soul as an individual. Inner soul is element which knows everything about you, know your secretes, your true personality, your strength, your weakness even your social media and bank passwords. If someone ask name of your best friend you can confidently tell them ‘Inner soul is my best friend’. But unfortunately everybody cannot get all benefits of inner soul because of lack of knowledge about Inner soul. you cannot imagine the power of mind and inner soul. Experience of it is unexplainable. Inner soul is an element of subconscious mind and subconscious mind has all data of your life. When you ask help to your inner soul, it collects data from your subconscious mind and gives you best solution for your problem.

2. What are Requirements and tips for making an inner soul effective?

Basic requirement is positive attitude (not only gesture postures, and behaviour, it will be explain later) because inner soul needs more attention towards it, and this is possible only when you have self confidence. Positive attitude connected with various parameters.

- Healthy body

- Healthy mind

- Meditation

- Some tips to activate inner soul

3. Requirement #1: Healthy body

Inner soul Need positive attitude and it is comes from self confidence. Body exercises and yoga it will help you to improve your confidence. Healthy diet is also effective parameter to complete your goals because good digestible food makes your tummy happy, which is sign of good health. Proper sleep is most important factor a normal person needs minimum 6 hours of sleep for healthy body. Going to bed early and take enough sleep and then wake up early in the morning (before sun rises).

For this some things should be avoided like Drugs, alcohol, cigarette and other bad addictions which are increase your anger and anxiety level which are very harmful for Inner soul. This is basic requirements for improving your confidence as well as your inner soul.

4: Requirement#2: Healthy mind:

Healthy Mind is most essential part of healthy body. Meaning of healthy mind is healthy things are stored in mind like happy life memories, lovable incidents, respectful nature, Sympathy, Truthfulness, kindness etc. So store data in your mind in such a way that you get maximum positive responses. And this is comes from reading good articles, novels, inspirational stories, watching programmes of knowledge, meditations etc. Laughing is most effective factor for healthy mind so be happy and be connected with activities related to laugh. But some factors or human habits are very bad for healthy mind like addiction of pornography, Using of abusive words, Use bombastic language, insidious nature, watching criminal and violent activities on various sources, and cheap entertainment.

5. Requirement#4: Meditation

“Some questions can’t be answered by Google, So meditation is required.”

There are many types of meditations are available. Mostly Indian and Buddhist meditation, so many literatures are available for meditation. Activity of meditation is not to left social life, become monk and takes way of Himalayas, but, It is way to find our self, our inner soul. Question is In this busy life which simple method is available to do meditation?

Choose a peaceful room with low lighting condition; If room is noiseless it is excellent. Basically meditation is harmony of breathing (proper inhale and exhale) . so sit properly on met and back should be straight. To be relaxed take some deep breathing Which helps you to slowdown your thought process. REMEMBER do not try to stop your thoughts it is worthless, Slowdown of thought process is automatically be done by practicing. In beginning start with 5 to 10 minutes a day after some days increase the time duration. Meditation of half hour is effective.

Major benefit of meditation is it will increase your self confidence which directly related with positive attitude, and positive attitude is foundation factor of effective inner soul.

Now, some tips to activate or know about the

6. Tip #1: Self evaluation:

Basic step to activate inner soul is evaluation yourself. Now when you sit in meditation think about yourself. Rewind your life, feel you are time traveller who travelling past. Think what you did before one hour, one day then think about what you did during the year. Then list out the positive and negative factors from that. If you have any guilt, you hurt or cheat someone in past and want to confess yourself then meditation is right place for it. Imagine that person is front of you and you have to say sorry in your meditation it will made you free from your guilt. In other hand if someone hurts you then in meditation you should forgive him/her it destroys your anger and helps you to improve your inner soul. Maximum negative points of your list should be avoided.

7. Tip #2: Communication with your inner soul:

It is most interesting and effective process which reduces distance between you and your inner soul. In starting we consider inner soul as an individual person. This person is very good in nature, brilliant and well mannered. We should make friendship with him/her which is good for us.

One of the great personalities of India ‘Swami Vivekananda’ said that,

“Talk to you self once a day otherwise you may miss a meeting an excellent person in this world”

Stand in front of mirror and then look at yourself and imagine other person stands in front of you. Then start talking with him and make friendship, share your all memories of the day, share your problems, share your future plans, even also share your secrets. This daily exercise will improve your self confidence and make a strong bond of you and your inner soul.

8. Tip #3: self satisfaction and self motivation:

According to Hinduism there are no accidents or coincident are happen, all the events are happen according ‘karma’. You will get everything according karma, nothing you will get more than your karma, so be satisfied with what you have. On other side think positive that every problem has solution as “After every dark night, a bright sun rises.” It will give you power to face any situation and any problem. There are so many people become successful after very bad situations so read them and get motivated.

9. Tip#4: Method for finding solution of your problem:

Everyone has problem but finding solution of that problem is an art. Here inner soul will help you to solve every problem. First be relaxed and close your eyes (this method will be effective during meditation or before sleep) imagine you and your inner soul (best friend) are sit together then you ask your inner soul for solution of your problem. Your inner soul investigate your problem and finding clues from your subconscious mind and create a frame of your solution, and deliver it to you through your inner voice, dream or your subconscious state. Mostly drams are very good medium for this. “Most of inventions are invented after midnight” this is called by famous scientist. Mathematician Ramanujan also get solution after his power nap. So ask your inner soul for solution, sometimes it will take some time but definitely gives results.

10. Tip#5: believe your inner soul:

Now understand this topic by a story,

In year 1948 one day Hungarian man who lived in Paris who always travelled by train to reach to his office. But one day he became late to catch train so that he waited for another train. After sometime he got new train. In that train he saw a person who read Hungarian language news paper. He felt happy because he got a person like him. He started chat with him. That was person also from Hungary. After sometimes a person observed that a man looked sad. He asked reason of his sadness; he told a story of his past that He was arrested as prisoner by German army during world war in Hungary. After some years he went to his village to meet his family members but no one is there. He asked a child about his family. Child replied that Germans killed his family except his wife. They arrested his wife also. After that time he found his wife so many places but he could not be succeeded. Finally he left hope and stop to find his wife.

A person suddenly got spark in his mind that he also knew a Hungarian lady, and contact her fortunately she was that person’s wife. After many years they met each other. Now question is this a coincident?

No it is not Husband’s strong inner soul create that environment for meeting them it took a time but finally gave result. Inner soul has so much power to change person’s life so always believe your inner soul.

Sometimes you get some idea suddenly in your mind, remember that is your inner voice from your inner soul which will be beneficial for you so implement that idea. This is a biggest secret of life.

“Believe your inner soul, It will definitely helps you to overcome any tough problem in any tough situation.”