Baratunde Thurston
Jan 31, 2017 · 1 min read

Jack. I laid out a response here.

Wanted those on Medium, including you, to see it. Your language is simultaneously defeatist, condescending, and disempowering. Your argument that there is more going on is sound. However you position it as THE truth and you communicated the real pain of the EO and the real physical activation of citizens as ineffective and too little.

I think you need to try harder to be less harmful in your approach. There is nothing in your post suggesting you have direct experience with the consequences of the EO. Nothing saying if you’ve ever been involved in protest. Nothing to establish your credibility on the matter. Yet you’ve judged and harshly so. And you’re wrong.

Do you know how hard it is to get people out of their homes to physically stand up? For anything?? It’s hard. We expect on-demand everything yet families of all races and creeds stood up for refugees and Muslims and immigrants.


You as a head of product should be able to see the value of this step. But all you could see was what you ASSUME is missing.

Please try to be more helpful. I know you mean well, but this did not help. Try asking “how can I help?” Rather than declaring “this is what is going on.”

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