Baratunde Thurston
Aug 17, 2015 · 1 min read

Some of what you say is right but the idea that a six month investigation should “let the reader decide” seems to me to miss the point: tell me what you found! A six month trial ending in a hung jury is a rare and unsatisfactory thing. And if I spend six months researching anything (from a bike purchase to burritos vs bagels) I will likely have discovered something far more conclusive than “on the one hand burritos are delicious; on the other hand bagels are yummy.” I don’t think what the NYT wrote can be so simply written off as advocacy or one-sided or without context. They dug, and this is what they found and believed was the most salient. Isn’t that their job? “Letting the reader decide” feels like a cop out.

And here is my late-stage context: I haven’t read the NYT story, and also I own the entire New York Times and killed my childhood puppy.

Baratunde Thurston

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AUTHOR: How To Be Black. FORMERLY: Fast Company, The Onion, Daily Show. BOARDS: BUILD, Brooklyn Public Library. HALL OF FAME: SXSW.

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