Might do. I should try some, you are right.
Oliver “Shiny” Blakemore

I was a journalism school dropout by the age of 18. I was always a reading snob. Then I started to have even more fun with it — I’d read the National Enquirer when I came across one BUT -absolutely would not buy one — there I would not go. (actually I’ve bought a few since.)

Then I started to think about people and reading habits — and decided that I wouldn’t emulate Icarus by flying too close to the sun — and stopped being quite so grand.

And right about then, on the tabloid racks, just looking of course, not buying, I discovered — the Weekly World News! And have never had more fun in my life. No longer published, but they still have an unbelievable website, it’s the black and white one with stories about angels and batboys and aliens. And some completely accurate stories too, like a guy in toronto who was caught at a fair looking up womens’ dresses with a mirror on his shoe. which sounds totally nuts, except I’d actually read about it in the paper. the story, featured as ‘breaking’ news, was about 3 years old though — but with the WWN, nobody cared — it was just for fun.

So any time you feel like reading about a vegetable that grew in the shape of Jesus — you’ll know where to find it..

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