On Going Gray and Fading Away

oh my goodness, Alexainie. (how did you ever get such a cool name?)

I’m 62, 63, something like that, and have been going thru the going-gray thing the past few years — at this point, I’ve got this cool, gray-streak thing going — I think it’s insanely cool. but like you I was always pretty young-looking, not much of a makeup wearer…my hair was very dark, I never coloured it, people used to ask me if I was Italian.

So it’s been so interesting watching the darkness fade — to see what I look like not dark!

You know what — who’s to say what’s feminist or not?! you’re dealing with getting older — that’s what women do :)

here’s what I do — I play with it. it’s fun. we deserve to have fun with it. Sometimes I use a dark eyeliner pencil. Darker than is generally considered ladylike for an old girl. other times I use just lipstick — again, a colour that isn’t oldladylike. oh — and I have a gold tooth! — not at the front. it makes me feel like a gypsy, again I get a big kick out of it, it shows when I’m grinning and my women friends love it. other times I just leave everything the way it is. and I cut my hair myself, blunt, about at my shoulders or shorter, then play with hair whatzits that again aren’t oldladystyle.

reading this, it seems to make me sound like a nutcase. but , trust me, I look pretty cool. :))))

we all have to find the way that suits us best — please don’t feel bad. no one knows what they’ll do til the time comes to do it — life is a learning experience. and I’m a retired psychologist…

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