Something I need to move on from.

it’s a word. a word that by some nefarious (in my opinion) pathway… became a popular and still current ‘verb’ that drives me crazy.

thee word is ‘impact’.

‘impact’ USED to be a noun. as in ‘something had an impact’ on me.

then, suddenly, in a meeting at work about 20 years ago, someone used it as a verb. everybody around the table looked at that person. it was someone who always wanted to impress people. no one commented — it seemed best to just pretend it hadn’t happened.

then my sister, who’s a teacher, used it to me in an email. I took issue with this, and it didn’t happen again.


it slowly started cropping up everywhere.

now, I know that language changes. that it needs to. and often the changes are exciting.

but not this one.

whenever I come across it,it’s still a shock — I kind of shudder, and look closely to see who’s using it. and decide not to listen to/buy something from/drink with/move in next door to/shack up with,/have a meeting, with that individual, ever again, if I can help it.


I feel much better now…til the next word that pisses me off.