Fuck You, I’d Spit In Your Cupcakes.
Asher Wolf


I’m female, 63. I was at home with my son for his first 4 years.

those 4 years were the hardest job I ever had. worst paid, worst hours, most frustrating, in so many ways.

and I had a husband who helped a lot.

can’t IMAGINE how someone does this alone.

I loved my kid, my mother had been home for a few years when I was born…and I don’t regret it AT ALL. (and didn’t take it out on my kid)

Asher I’m really glad you’re pissed and not depressed, which is where anger goes if you don’t do something with it. is there any other way you can kick up some shit painlessly? when my kid was tiny, we hung out at a local drop-in for young kids and whoever was looking after them, and could never figure out why some local retired women didn’t drop in and hold a crying baby or something for awhile. I mean, duh! I used to be tempted to make up some notices for local apt buildings asking for volunteers. but I was already busy on the board of directors of this place — just a handful of local moms who used it and didn’t get enough sleep — so nothing happened. We set up a co-op babysitting system — this was a big help and was a great way to meet some like-minded mothers — if you can’t bitch to another woman in the same situation, who CAN you bitch to?

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