10 Common eCommerce Mistakes To Avoid by Business Owners

Barbara Glowa
Nov 4 · 4 min read

A recent study shows that with the increasing competition in the eCommerce industry, you just have a few seconds to impress a visitor. If a visitor is not able to find a product he/she is looking for, the visitor may leave your site and may never ever come back to your eCommerce store. You would not want that to happen, right?

You would want to make more sales from your eCommerce business. This blog post will help you understand the most common eCommerce mistakes that are made by business owners. You might feel familiar with a few of them.

For eCommerce business, the first impression is always the last one. When a visitor arrives at your site for the first time, he may look for the best price of the products he is interested to purchase. There are chances that he may already have done his research for the price on your competitors’ sites, and then may have come to you to check what you offer. Hence, make sure that your website offers competitive pricing for the products you sell online.

There are a lot more things that matter when a customer shops online from your store for the first time. The delivery timelines, exchange and return policies, and terms and conditions should be clearly mentioned on your site. Most of the eCommerce websites fail because they do not have transparent terms and conditions mentioned on their website, and this may make the customers feel skeptical about their products and services.

1. Longer time to load

Did you know that 53% of people abandon their carts because the websites take ages to load? Slow web pages are the number one reason for abandoned carts. Having a slow-loading website may be hurting your online sales.

It is important that your web pages load in less than 3 seconds or you may be losing a lot of business. You can look for the best eCommerce web development agency to check the webpage loading speed to ensure that customers have a satisfactory user experience.

2. Mobile responsiveness missing

If your website doesn’t look good on mobile devices, you could be losing a lot of business. This is a known fact that modern customers demand convenience and they prefer to shop from their mobile devices and tablets.

It is important to have a responsive website that works well on all the major platforms and devices so that no matter what devices the user accesses it on, it delivers an amazing shopping experience.

Look for a good software development agency to help you get a mobile-ready eCommerce site for helping your business reach new heights.

3. Checkout process difficult

How many times do you get bored of filling up lengthy contact forms while sending out an inquiry to an agency? Don’t you get irritated while entering a lot of unnecessary information while making an online purchase?

A complicated checkout process can irritate the users and they are likely to abandon their cart without completing a purchase. It is important to deliver a flawless and easy to use checkout experience to online shoppers.

4. Poor product showcase

If your eCommerce website does not have a good product showcase, you may not be able to enjoy a good number of online sales. If you want a good amount of sales, you would need to have good product photos and videos to help the users understand how the exact product looks like. You can provide an option to zoom the product so that the users can examine it from all the different angles.

As online shoppers would not be able to see the physical product, you should provide them with each and every way to see the pictures and videos so that they get an idea of the product and its specifications.

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Originally published at https://www.solwininfotech.com on November 4, 2019.

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