How To Promote Your Products Online (7 Smart Ways)

Barbara Glowa
Nov 20, 2019 · 3 min read

Building an eCommerce store can be one of the most important decisions for a profitable money-making business. You should know that with the increasing competition in the eCommerce industry, you would have to market your business properly to find new customers.

Every online store wants traffic and sales online. If your store faces the challenges of making conversions, you should think of eCommerce marketing tactics that can actually work for you.

This blog post will help you get an overview of effective marketing tactics and SEO tools for promoting eCommerce websites and tools. It is important for your custom eCommerce store to get new and repeat business from the existing and new customers in order to grow sales and profits. Try to implement the following marketing tactics for eCommerce to see some increment in the sales online.

1. Upsell your products

You might have seen “Frequently bought together” or “Customer also bought this item” while shopping for a product when you purchase a product online. This is an example of upselling. This type of approach helps to sell a slightly premium product that the one chosen by the customer.

Some customers may not be aware of the premium product being available with the online eCommerce store, and once they see such a product on the same page under a different section, they may be tempted to buy those items, which may be a better (upgraded) fit for their needs.

Here are two major considerations you should make when upselling your products on your eCommerce store:
1. Make sure that your upsells are quite close to the products chosen by the customer
2. Try to show them products that are around the same price range as of the items selected by customer

Your customers may choose the products shown in the suggestions if it fits into his/her original needs and may be excited about the higher price. The new product must be incredibly better than the original one and should be worth the cost. You can also showcase additional accessories (cross-selling) to make more sales online.

2. Focus on reducing abandoned carts

Ecommerce website owners lose a lot of money as the visitors abandon their carts and leave their site without purchasing the products. It can be a good idea to remind the users about the items they had added to their carts so that they may be tempted to buy them.

About 43% of the people complete the purchases when they receive email or SMS reminders for the products they had added to their carts. You can also persuade them by providing them free shipping or discounts.

Run an email recovery campaign to reduce abandoned carts as this will help to convince the visitors and complete their purchases. Design personalized emails that attract your users and convinces them to return to their carts and complete their purchases.

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