Yes We Can: Your Most Memorable Moments from the Obama Presidency
The Obama White House

Thank-you, President Obama. Thank-you for your patience, your ability to remain calm when others would have been overcome with anxiety, and for the tears you were willing to shed with us for the Americans we’ve lost because of the ridiculous amount of guns and unstable people who can own them.

Thank-you for attempting to close Guantanimo, and for allowing people of all races to enjoy the People’s House with you and your wonderful family.

You conducted yourselves with dignity, and set a wonderful example for most future Presidents to hope to match.

I knew from 2004 you deserved to be our 44th President. I am proud to have voted for you.

Go in peace, knowing that you’ve left America a better place. Not all can see that right now, but within a short period of time I believe many more Americans will appreciate the wonderful examples all of you’ve set for the people of this great country.

Thank-you for the beautiful wildernesses in this nation which will be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Stay safe, stay strong in your faith and your personal beliefs, and enjoy the rest of your life. (Oh, yes you can!)

Sincerely, Barbara

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