A stupid relationship

Why my heart is so empty when my bed is always full?

Keep telling myself not to jump into it, keep reminding me how it feels when it ends…

You cannot even breath, eat or sleep.

You can´t even have sex anymore without thinking about it.

Until time pass and you begin to feel good.

Thats the stage I want to stay in,

feel good,

never feel that pain again.

People says it part of the life,

but what if i don’t want it to be?

What if I stay in this stage forever?

With my bed full and my heart empty…

thinking about the love story that could happen if I’ve just stayed over that night instead of running out as I usually do.

I keep daydreaming about him and I together,

daydreaming of him and I having deep conversations,

him and I laughing

him and I sharing a stupid ice cream

a stupid joke

a stupid relationship,

just daydreaming…