The Human Parts Open Thread: Letter to a Stranger
Human Parts

Dear dark side,

I know you are there, I can feel you everytime I fail trying to reach a goal making the right decision, I am able to hear your whisper in my head, I know you pray for me to take your hand and walk beneath the path of darkness.

I know you want me to, I can feel your desire beneath my skin, I can feel your energy, I hear your beg. But I will not, I will not listen to your voice again, I will not get seduced by the softness of your touch.

I remember when we you used me, when you penetrate my escense, when you took possetion of body, when you became me.

I know you, and all I can get when I let you in, but I also know how your are an expensive bitch, your price is as high as I used to be when you where inside me and you left my soul poor and unable to pay those debts again.

So now that you are gone, at least I expelled the fear and vulnerability. That particular thing you never felt ashamed to accept, that mistake and cause of your attraction.

Goodbye darkness and thanks for showing me your world is not where I want to live.

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