Oh man that feeling again,

I can´t stop writing,

I can´t stop thinking,

I can´t stop, just can´t stop.

This crazy, crazy feeling is getting dangerous, really dangerous and I need to stop feeding it.

I must stop seeing you.

I am feeling too much (as usual) but so deep (not usual)

I know we are impossible, distance, timing, jobs…

But shit I am kind of falling for you.

Does that makes me weak?

I’ve been feeling everything
From hate to love, from love to lust, from lust to truth
Do not worry I´ll make it stop, so we won´t get hurt.

I am falling really hard it makes me scared…

Kiss me again, like if you want to be loved and I´ll make you believe I am loving you.

But no worries next morning I will make it stop, I promise I will, I will…

For my own good I will make it stop,

I can´t make it stop,

I will.

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