The titleless story of us

Thank you,

I gotta admit second parts of the movies are always kind of lame.

But not this one, this one was … What it was.

Again no name, again no labels, again no future, no expectations but the hope you will remember me as I do.

Now, when I think about faith I think about you, I think about you and I thank you. Thanks for teaching how to love without expecting, to love without limits, to love without conditions. But most of all thanks for teching me that it is possible to love two times in one life and then let go.

I can almost feel you again touching my face as you did that morning while we where still at bed. You where grabbing me in your arms and my head was in your chest, I was enjoying every single second of that sunlight, I was been delighted listening to the beat of your heart when suddenly I felt you trying to feel me, like wanting to memorize my face features with your fingers. It was the sweetest sensation I have ever felt in my entire life, you are the sweetest sensation I have ever felt in my life.

There is a lesson in Buddhism that explains how every single person that appears in your path is a teacher, and I think you are one of the biggest teachers of all so far, even though I do not consider myself the best student.

I know you arrive into my life that christmas for showing me that miracles do exist even when faith seems to fade. You just need to pay attention, be fearless and explore. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We are closer now on distance, but I don´t know if I will ever see you again (I really want to), and to be honest I am scared, I feel what we have is beautiful and I am afraid to screw it if we keep the fantasy going. So maybe for my own good, for our own fantasy lets just leave it that way? :(

Just say you´ll remember me as I am doing it tonight. I miss you and I want you by my side, I miss feeling your skin and your breath in my forehead while we sleep. I miss holding your hand while we walk in Manhattan, I miss laughing at your drunkie jokes and kissing your cheek randomly at the subway, I miss doing crazy stupid stuff like the time we got naked and ran 20 floors up into the rooftop of your building and then we steal your neighbors newspaper and we use it to cover our naked butts (LOL).

Anyways, this is one of those stories, you are one of those persons, we are one of a kind, and timing darling, time… Is a bitch.

Why didn't you appear few years later? When I am all done with my traveling, when I am all done with finding myself, when I am all done with being alone?

Guess you don´t get to choose, it chooses you. I would lie by saying I don´t expect seeing you again now that you are so F* near, now that at least we are in the same country, but I need to let you go, once again and well, who knows lets serendipity guide our paths and maybe if we are lucky enough, we will find each other again.

Human being, please don´t think I am crazy, but know I am passionate, I am truly passionate when I sincerely love, and I am not reffering the “L” word as the romantic Love, I am trying to use it in terms of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, I do not expect you loving me back, but I feel good doing it.

You are a beautiful soul, the kind of hard to find and tough to define, the one you won´t forget about.

So, see you soon and until we meet again (Again…).



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