Why “Awakening” is not important

“You do not find the path to awakening, you awake in the path, and so, you are gently leaded by its hand through the sweet walk of awareness.” -BA

Long story short; Awakening is the process of realization that there is more than what we have been told it is.

“I went in being me and not knowing it.
I came out being me and knowing it.
Its was this that changed my mind.”

Awakening is traveling between worlds unlearning thousands of years of conditioning.

Awakening is knowing there is something bigger than us, in which we can surrender, relay and fully trust.

Awakening is believe in Love outside the human way. Realizing love is not to posses but to set free, to be, let be and embrace without attachment the soul you are sharing this existence with.

Awakening is the ability of building your own beliefs. Not by what you have been taught to believe in, but by the information you have discovered aligns the best with your soul purpose and fulfills every particle in your material body.

Awakening is understanding there is not a “BIG TRUTH”, we all are co-creating our truths.

Awakening is realizing that religion is just the same story told in different languages. We all digest information different, we all understand the world around us in various ways, we all perceive the reality different, and so for that, the story has been written in different tales, with different characters, in different scenarios, in different times, but with a solely plot; We are love, we are compassion, we are one, we are the universe.

Awakening is the beginning to become what we as a race are for nature=LOVE vibration tunned into quantum matter.

Unless you want to keep your mind in the Status Quo,“fit in society”, achieve the “American dream”, or live the “perfect life”; Then, stop your imagination from traveling, emerging, growing and flowing. If so, I suggest you to remain sleeping in the boredom of the monotonous existence that someone else has set for you.

It is easier to relay on the collectiveness instead of diving into the ocean of consciousness.

In the collectiveness the table is set for us already, we have nothing to worry about.

In the collectiveness, we don´t have to think for ourselves, we don´t have to look for an answer, the “answer” is given to us via TV, media and the old education system.

In the collectiveness we don´t have to seek for ourselves, we all are like a Warhol´s illustration made in mass with the solely purpose of reproduction and capitalism breastfeeding.

So of course it is easier to remain seated please, enjoy the show and be led by what is already set in the table for us.

Remember who you are,

Forget who they told you to be.

Go out hunting,

Hunt new ideas, new ideals.

Hunt for more, do not settle.

Question everything, search for information and create your own answers.

Question everything that´s been set on the table, and serve a better feast.

See? Awakening is not really a big deal,

Is not really important at all,

So if you are lazy, sleepy and soul purposeless.

Stay in bed and sweet dreams.