Backbone Replacement Therapy Kicks In One Year Too Late For Key Republicans
Allan Ishac

As an RN, this is one of my ALL TIME favorite of your pieces.

Having participated in many of these surgical procedures during my years in the OR, I am more than confident when I say that any effectiveness from these procedures, when performed by an orthopaedic surgeon, seldom endure.

It takes the gentle, skilled hands and astute reasoning mind of the neurosurgeon to provide long term, efficacious manipulation of the entire spine, column and cord.

More than spinal surgery, many of these menbers of congress, the Senate and in particular, Ryan, McConnell are in greater need of a frontal lobotomy.

Along with Trump and his pimps, visceral incapacition at the cerebral level seems the most reasonable treatment at this point.

(Not that many would notice, however.)