The real problem: Government officials and agents aren’t allowed access to the tech they need.
Chris Sacca

Blah blah blah.

Nice curve ball here.

Our government is corrupted. That is the FIRST issue to address because all of the ills stem from this source.

Procurement problems? You bet… congressman doe is in competition with senator hack job for campaign conytibutions from opposing vendors! They may take their fight to the floor or may just have somebody bumped off. (See Vince Foster)

This behavior on the part of clinton is wholly inexcusable!! She was in a position of power to change a cumbersome system but chose not to. It was more politically expedient to have control over who sees the bribes.

She chose the easier, softer way and may have compromised “national security.) You know..the reason we have to take our shoes off at the airport?

No excuse!

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