What immigration detention did to my mental health.
Graciela Lopez

Come on!! Let’s put this in perspective.

Using the argument that this person.was.”breaking the law" and deserved horrible treatment is a myopic view of justice and fails to address a glaring inconsistency here, and probably everywhere in the world.

Wall St and political crooks repeatedly break the law…these crimes effect millions of people wotldwide, (can you say dot.com or housing busts?) and are REWARDED deeply for their crimes.

As a taxpayer, I choose to funnel the resources of this country to HELP human beings seeking asylum here, legally or illegally, before supporting those crooks.

I do understand that the govt frowns on competition for illegally gotten gains…I get that.

Should our representatives choose to model honest, ethical behavior, you might make a case against the people who come over the wall, or the river.

Otherwise, the hypocrisy falls on deaf ears here.

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