Really? And you know this…how?
Victoria Lamb Hatch

History repeats itself, generation after generation.

What we are witnessing is nothing new.

More people have access to data and more people are loosening their grip on the propaganda machine that has kept us at war with someone from the get go.

As much as I despise Trump and every shill he stands for, I equally despise Clinton.

These people are sorely lacking integrity, lie through their teeth and celebrate bigly when their garbage sucks in another naive bystander.

So, yes, I would have the same enlightened attitude no matter who was elected.

It is a game in which the majority of people cannot even participate a long as we believe their lies.

I am not asking for your agreement, approval or acceptance of my position. I dont need to convince you, or anyone else of what I believe to be truth.

However, I have an obligation to my own sense of reality to share it. For this, I feel responsible.

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