Not Just Another Deceased Cat Story
Robert Schwartz

I believe the depth of our grief over the death of our pets, and people, is in direct proportion to the depth of love with feel for them.

Last May, when I became a hospice nurse, my 13 year old orange tabby named Picasso transitioned over the Rainbow Bridge.

As I was actively grieving his death, I was also providing loving care to dying human beings and their families.

Picasso left me with beautiful and funny memories. His gifts extended into my professional life as well.

He taught me how to love unconditionally, up until his last breath. I gained a solid reference to share with the families of my patients.

He is still with me. His spirit is alive and I see him from time to time among the feral cat population here at the beach.

I hope Loki provides your family with much joy and laughter.

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