A Series of Hospital Nightmares
Danna Colman

I detect no exaggeration or embellishment in your story.

I have witnessed some version of this story play out again and again during 17 years of hospital nursing.

I propose a contributing factor to the demise of quality care took shape about the time education became a “business.”

Unfortunately, compounding this problem is the fact that greedy, immoral business savvy people have taken over the operation of hospitals via “budget.”

I am sure there are any number of us old nurses still in the trenches who provide excellent care despite the innumerable obstacles placed before us.

I simply couldn’t do it ant longer! It felt really great to quit beating my head against the wall.

Caring for people in their homes has provided a deep level of personal and professional satisfaction for me.

To echo someone else…stay OUT of tue hospital at every turn.

Thanks for sharing your story.

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