Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss
Eli Goldstone

I have worked with managers who, face to face, operate just like this app.

For example, 5 years ago, I worked in a non profit hospital which had been “acquired” by a large corporation.

Within 3 days of the announcement, all mid level managers were fired, with the exception of one. (I am not really sure who she knew in order to keep her job under the new boss. I DO know that this one person was given the immense task of overseeing not only her area of expertise (delivering babies) but 4 other specialties including the operating room where I worked. )

During the 3 months I remained employed under the new management, I failed to see this woman a single time. She was as faceless as that app.

No really clear reason for firing all of these people with years of tribal knowledge except that this is business as usual under capitalism.

All of those mid level managers were coldly informed to pack up their shit (my words) and get out!

Globally speaking, all human beings are as expendable as a paper clip in the work place.

If we don’t conform to the whims of the masters we are out on our asses!

I have the creepiest feeling that before too long, we won’t even have the 5 scale metric.

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