People getting killed is, and will always be, a concern.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

It matters not a whit to me if Clinton were put in that position to further enrich those who financed her campaign.

The point is that the US has rigged elections all over the world, with impunity, so it would not surprise me that an outside influence meddled in ours.

As happened in El Salvador, Venezuela, Panama and a host of other nations, this election outcome benefits only the few who are enriched by mass weapon production and shift of power which hurts everyone else.

I see no evidence, in recent or the remote past, which supports the notion that this govt can effectively multitask.

Our crumbling infrastructure, poisoned water supplies, poisoned food, endless war, incarceration numbers and a list of other problems we face, are all symptoms of a corrupted, impotent system.

It boggles the rational mind to consider that people being killed is a problem..”but.”

What is more important than life? All other considerations are meaningless.

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