Losing the Doctor Lottery
Kim Bellard

Research findings by a group of Fed’s revealed that in the last decade of the 20th century, more legal council was sought for medical.malpractice due to the perception that doctors “did not listen to the patient AND that the doc failed to the offer understandable information, or none ar all.”

At the time this research was published, the Air Force Medical Corp was provided educational opportunities to undergo behavior modification.

Even under systemic socialized medicine, minus the profit motive, patriarchal behavior among physicians rubbed many patients the wrong way.

Were it not for the Ferris Doctrine, we might have had a very, very busy JAG office.

Fast forward many a few decades, attitude have not much has changed, whether military or private sector.

Want the perfect doctor?

You wont find one. They are all as human as the rest of us.

One of my standards for physician selection includes no one under 45 years of age.

By then, I presume they are no longer indebted to the preditory educational/banking cartels.

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