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So, right about now I am thinking..”OK. Give the citizens of this country SOMETHING to feel proud of.”

How about election fraud?

Want to start there?

How about the fact that there are more people imprisoned in this country than any other place on the world? Can we be proud that privatized correctional facilities have perpetuated slavery?

How about rampant greed and corruption among our “leaders” who prostitute themselves, and by extension, taxpayers, to corporate pimps who are systematically destroying the earth?

Owners of professional sports teams are also among the pimps as they demand taxpayers foot the bill to erect and maintain multimillion dollar stadiums.

Wow! Can’t you just feel your chest swelling with pride?

You all know the score.

Oh, wait. These are not issues discussed by lame stream media. Thats right. The media is also comprised of whores who do the bidding of the pimps.

Maybe if more people boycotted these events, stating how fed up they are with the manipulation and bullying by the elite, the establishment, players rights to kneel would be respected.