What I Learned From My Cat’s Death
Taylor + Flora

Thank you for sharing your story of Camilla.

As I was reading, I followed you all the way to holding liquid wrapped in fur.

This precisely describes the way my Picasso felt.

Oh the pain, the intense sadness!!!!

Oh the freedom, knowing he no longer suffered!!!!

Bittersweet, just like life.

By the way, Picasso, also gained weight and had the same shaped body as your Camilla.

He also traveled with me around the country as we went from job to job.

We flew on planes and spent long hours driving across the country.

He would hide under the bed when we stayed in hotels and on more than one occasion, he found the breach in the boxspring of the bed.

At these times, I would upend the mattress to coax him out of the secure nest he had found.

We played chase with each other, running from room to room, both of us laughing like little kids.

His favorite place was in my lap or on my chest.

His 18 pounds of love have imprinted on my heart forever.