I respectfully disagree.
Trent Lapinski

The experience you describe regarding your own go around with the medical community, and un particular, the mental health arm, is all too common.

As a scientific community, we dont really know how everyone will respond to psychtropics and, as stated in another post, pharm is a huge industry supported by corruption and greed.

While most practioners of medicine have the best interests of the “consumer" in mind, the system is effed and is, in my humble opinion, best avoided except under extenuating circumstances.

Truth is, many people want to take a pill instead of doing the hard work of plowing through the issues which create cognitive discord and contribute to depression, anxiety and by extension, most physical illnesses.

It is easy to pop a pill and get on with it.

I have practiced this technique myself.

No one forced me to do the benzos, or pot or coke or anything else.

My choice.

(By the way, I am a registered nurse and am aware of the risk of using xanax in relation to driving. It is recommended the user not operate machinery until.the effects of the drug is established. So yes, people can take it and drive.)

I respect your right to disagree.

Even when death occurs as a result of a natural process, humans will look for someone or something to blame.

Again, I am painfully aware of the consequences of our corrupted society, both personally and professionally.

Mt belief holds that we each are responsible for our own choices.

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