Clinton Foundation: We Need to be More Like the Man Called Ove
Amy Sterling Casil

The part about warehousing the elderly and stealing their money?

True, true and true.

Recently, Humana won the bid (paid the most graft money) to administer medicaid and medicare funds paid by the staye on behalf of the elderly confined to assisted living facilities here in FL.

This contract was formerly the goldmine of a corp called “Eldercare,” or some such misnomer.

If the state treasury pays $3000 per month for the care of these housed human beings, the administrator will negotiate with a facility to provide around the clock care for, say, $1000 per month. ( I am learning that this is probably a generous estimate, on average)

What happens to the $2000 difference, you might ask?

With the recent contract change, I will venture a guess and say that Rick Scott, that putrid excuse for a governor, gets his kickback.

Then, other administrative fees, because, you know, Brighthouse charges for internet access are lofty here, the CEO salary, and lets not forget the comptroller who gets a piece of the fraud, I mean, action!

I think I have laid a little foundation to illustrate how the clintin foundation operates.

As if you even needed that!