First, if a business is given money by a customer besides the government, it is in no way an…

This is my point.

Taxpayers want something for our money, too.

Like adequate public education, uncontaminated food and medicine, we want water which does not contain leado or oil.

We don’t want the burden of supporting corporate welfare recipients. We want ti be able to live in a free society where the govt is not spying on us.

I don’t want free stuff. I am fully capable of earning my own eay and have done so for more than 45 years.

I have saved for retirement and have been a productive member of society, including military service.

Government can and has worked for the people. It can again if we get our heads out of our asses and demand change!

As you so rightly noted, capital cronyism is at the heart of many of our societal ills.

Lets work together to put an end to this FIRST.

Then, we can talk about getting people off of welfare, investing in our own country and citizens.