Bernie Or Bust People: Wake up, You Were Conned
S. Novi

To blame any group of the electorate for the appointment.of Trump reflects a degree of naivete which causes critical thinkers to shake their heads.

Anerican voters have not “elected" a president, not once, in my long lifetime.

Puppets are appointed by the string pullers whose interests are best served by the candidate.

All discourse regarding this and similar issues are fodder for those who support the lie, for whatever reason.

Just maybe, holding on to the belief that the general electorate has any power at this level is a way to justify participation in a severely corrupted system, as evidenced by your own text.

Finally, if there is any redeeming facet of Sanders life, it is “consistency,” an attribute woefully absent among most others.

The clarity of his message cannot be disputed.

Effecting change on the basis of his message is another story.

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