Well first of all, there is no such thing as an “undocumented immigrant” that is a political term…
Louis Weeks

You people.are disgusting and provoke nothing more than shame from those of us with a heart and a conscience.

Your belief that “Americans" made this a great country is testament to a level of ignorance which baffles the rational mind.

Why people still want to come to the usa, particularly with the resident, putrid puppet in the oval office, is beyond my understanding.

Who can truthfully defend the.corruption in gov’t and business which is destroying the earth, poisoning water and food sources while waging an imperialistic war on the rest of the world?

You folks are amoral, blistering fools, who have forgotten that it was immigrants who actually did and still do the most important work in this country.

They were welcomed back then…mistreated, used and abused..just as many “natives" are today, on many levels.

Nobody in govt or business gas your back, friends.

We are ALL dispensable, breathing, bleeding machines for the oligarchy, citizens or immigrants.

Just get over yourselves.

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