What I learned while healing from a hit-and-run

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Photo by Kit Suman on Unsplash

I’m 60.5 years old. So, the past six weeks have been roughly 1/500 of my life so far.

Six weeks ago, I was hit on my scooter by someone who most likely couldn’t see me.

So — about that day — a lot is fuzzy.

But also, much is clear.

Emergency help was called for. I was transported. Competent care ensued.

In some ways, the past six weeks have felt like an eternity. But, of course, it hasn’t been.

I’m 60.5 years old. So, the past six weeks have been roughly 1/500 of my life so far. …

After a hit-and-run, I accidentally discovered painting

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Somehow, I painted this.

After weeks of painting for other people, it finally occurred to me to make a flamingo — my muse. That’s when I knew the process was working.

I recently began painting with watercolors.

After suffering a concussion, reading and writing made me dizzy. Also, I had several fractures to my ribs and spine, so I wouldn’t be running or skiing anytime soon.

I needed something to do. Something that would bring me peace after the trauma of a hit-and-run accident on my scooter.

I couldn’t yet drive, so I hopped a ride to an art shop to meet a pal who paints. …

Read books. Not too many. Mostly paper.

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Reading is important. But it also can be a trap. Because living other people’s stories prevents us from knowing our own.

When I was a kid, I’d tuck my nose deep in a book and leave it there all day. I didn’t just read; I became the characters. A Holocaust survivor. A blind girl. A news boy. A spy.

I wanted to be a writer, but reading was the place to start. Back then, there were no laptops or iPads. Carrying around my IBM Selectric simply wouldn’t do. Library books were bulky, but free.

Most mothers would have been happy to see their daughters engaged in the page. But not mine. Instead of cultivating my curiosity and my love of words, she scolded me for losing track of time. …


Barbara Brooks

55+++ word nerd, artist, bad-ass seeker of truth and beauty. Owning my confusion and desire at http://www.hackingawayathappiness.com

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